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Below are a range of questions that we feel you might have while looking through our website. If there is anything that you want to know that you cannot find on this page, feel free to call us on 01233 733880, send us an email on, or get in touch through our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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How Many Parks Do You Have?

We have three parks across the South East: our biggest park, Six Bells, in Woochurch, Highview Park in Folkestone and the Prince of Wales Park in West Hythe. All parks have a friendly community and local areas of interest that you are free to visit as and when you see fit. Our parks are not on a holiday licence, you live there and you own your home all year ‘round.

How Many Homes In Each Park?

In our Six Bells Park we have 42 homes, in Highview Park we have 14 and in the Prince of Wales Park there are 31 homes in total. With such a range of different properties at three unique locations, there is bound to be a home that suits your style and individual needs. If you want any more information on the properties you can buy, visit our Six Bells Park, Highview Park, or Prince of Wales Park Homes for Sale pages.

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Will I Be Able To Live There Permanently?

As we are not a holiday park, once you purchase your home it belongs to you. If you have any concerns or questions about this element of our parks, please don’t hesitate to call 01233 733880 and we will talk you through everything. If you are interested in our homes, then visit our Homes for Sale pages underneath all of our parks on the main navigation of the website.

Do I Need To Pay Ground Rates? What About Electricity And Gas?

You will need to pay ground rates, but this is something that will be discussed when you purchase your home. All gas is paid directly to the supplier and is not bottled. All electricity will be paid to the park. We will make sure that you only pay for what you use; no more, no less.

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Are There Activities For Me To Attend At Your Parks?

There are plenty of activities that you will be able to get up to in and around all three of our parks. From shops and local cultural activities, to clubs that our residents have set up and run. If you are interested in learning more about what you will be able to get up to around our parks, visit our Amenities page for more information.

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